Web archiving software for legal professionals

Page Vault makes digital evidence admissible in court. Through remote browsing, the software allows lawyers to capture web content, such as a social media profile, that can be submitted in court as evidence.

The first order of business was a logo refresh. We modernized the logo, while keeping it recognizable to Page Vault’s consumer base. We communicated that the product is user-friendly through every aspect of the design.

Next, we designed a custom multi-page website that is clear and easy to navigate, just like their product. Shortly after the launch of the new website, Page Vault raised over $1.3 million in funding.

“Our website and marketing materials turned out fantastic thanks to Break and Enter. They worked closely with us to meet some critical deadlines, and their work is consistently high-quality. Beyond design, they provided valuable insight and advice on our project. We appreciated their big-picture thinking as much as their attention to detail, like recommending what card stock to print on, or supplying us with different file formats that certainly came in handy. Break and Enter has consistently provided great design work for us, and I'm happy to recommend them.”

Jeffrey Eschbach, CEO 
Page Vault