Moses Structural Engineers

Reaching new heights

Moses Structural Engineers (MSE) helps make their clients' visions come to life. They are the engineers behind incredible structures, such as the redesigned Art Gallery of Ontario and the TD Place Stadium in Ottawa. They pioneered new materials and construction methods that resulted in many firsts for Canada. We wanted to bring their vision to life with a brand identity that is relevant, yet timeless; and strong, yet elegant.

We created a logo that looks like a structure in itself, using clean lines of equal thickness and 90 degree angles. The icon is readable at a small size from a great distance, which is ideal for signage at construction sites. Click on the logo above to view it scaled down to 6.25%.

MSE Stationary

We designed and developed a new responsive website. The elements on the site reconfigure based on the browser size, so it feels native to any device you view it on.

MSE Web Design


We designed and built the custom website in Wordpress. This platform makes it easy to update the site on a regular basis.


MailChimp integration is perfect for mailing list sign ups and keeping in touch with visitors through newsletters and eblasts.


We used Hotjar to see how visitors were interacting with the new website. We enhanced the overall experience by adding new links and clickable objects.

house arrow

Introducing 6Wood.ca

6Wood.ca is a microsite we created to focus on MSE’s wood design services. A recent change in the Ontario Building Code now allows wood buildings to go up as high as 6-storeys (previously it was only 4-storeys). This change has created a new demand in the industry that they were determined to fulfill. Through 6Wood.ca, we position MSE as the leading experts in wood design. The result? They are now working on some of the first 6-storey wood buildings in Ontario.



  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design
  • Copywriting
  • Web Development
  • Strategy

TimberFever Design-Build Challenge

TimberFever Design-Build Challenge is a student competition that Moses Structural Engineers created with Ryerson Unversity. Architectural Science and Civil Engineering students had three days to design and build a life-size structure out of wood.


timberfever posters

timberfever posters

“We hired Break and Enter almost immediately after founding our company to develop the branding and marketing strategy for our company. Adi and her team are our go-to people for all of our web, trade show, promotional and company branded materials. Adi makes sure we have a consistent and memorable public image and is always forward-thinking when it comes to our marketing needs. We can always rely on Break and Enter to meet our deadlines and to ensure we get the best quality in our printed materials. And best of all, we consistently get compliments from our clients and leads on our logo and marketing materials.”

David Moses, Principal
Moses Structural Engineers